“The realest job hunter” Sloppy Seconds: Why you dont want your friend’s old job

by quebecalexander


You get an email from a friend that says a job has opened up in their workplace. You decide to take a look at it and discover its a job your friend has or its one you’re taking from them due to a promotion, move, etc. It sounds like a great deal, but somewhere in the back of your head, something is telling you not to take it. Whether it is nervousness, fear, or the sudden realization you’re taking a “hand me down” from a friend or colleague, you’re not alone.

In my experience as a manager hiring for in the retail, I’ve noticed that there were two reasons why someone didn’t want the job a fellow colleague has either left or moved up from.

–  The hand me down issue or
–  The legacy Issue

The hand me down issue is simply our desire to be on par with our peers. We don’t like the idea of our friends being our bosses and so we feel that in order to appear successful or worthy of their time and attention, we need to be where they are at right now. If the job at hand is a stepping stone in the right direction for you professionally, you’re going to have to eat some humble pie and accept that no one is ever at the same level at the same time as everybody and that there’s someone looking up at you whose wondering when they will be able to catch up with you.

The legacy issue may be a bit more complex. When a friend leaves and you take their spot, you may have just inherited all of their allies and cohorts in the office. While that can be a good thing for those who were popular and well liked, it may not be so good for someone who left on less than desirable terms. The former can also be a bad thing as the expectations others had of the friend might be placed unfairly on your shoulders; “If Janice could do it, you should be able to do it too.” At this point, if you do accept and take the job, you will have to work fast and diligently to differentiate yourself positively from Janice through willingness to observe and listen and to

Overall, Humility is one of the catalysts to success in this case. Don’t be ashamed or nervous about taking a job from a friend, if it got them to where they want to go, it could help you out too.

Tell me, what do you think? I’d love to hear your feedback.