Someday, I’ll never see you again

by quebecalexander

Someday, I’ll never see you again
An obvious truth that unites us all
Through life, love, infinte other ways
Our time will come to an end someday

In spite of our ephemeral existence
And surprisingly fragile bodies
We eventually will cease to be
You and I becomes just me.

Intertwining roads must drift apart
For they can’t all lead to the same place
Farther, and farther, and farther we go
Without you I must go there alone

Right now I choose to be with you
I’ll hold nothing back, giving you all I can
A sip of something, a bite to eat
Communal laughter, a walk on the street

Whenever it comes, our last goodbye
There’ll be no tears shed, nor regrets said
I’ll hold you close until you leave
Time well spent, less time to grieve

My admonition to you is this
You will lose the ones you love someday
You, dear reader, are in charge of it all
How you spend it, it’s your call.