Worth the effort…Part 2

by quebecalexander

A part two was not planned, but it sorta happened in my head. I was driving by an office I once shared with a few people a few years back, some of them I am good friends with and others I haven’t seen in so long. I remember one of the guys had a problem with women, he had way to many of them on the side. I remember catching up to him once online and we talked for hours, it was a pretty deep convo and it was one of my favorite moments with this guy. We talked about how, at some point, he’s going to pick one and one only to spend the rest of his life with. While sleep deprived, I shared with him my personal belief on time and money since he mentioned he spent a lot of money on these women.

“Time and money are not the same thing. You can always get your money back someday, but your lost time is lost forever.”

I asked him some pretty tough questions about why these girls mattered to him, we went over every excruciating detail over every single woman he was seeing. Of course, due to exhaustion and other factors, I was unable to figure out or ascertain what the end result was, but I hoped he found everything helpful. My hope was that he realized that money is not the issue (he came from a well off background), but that his time was the same as everyone else’s, subject to be lost every second. He had to decide for himself who was worth the time he has left on planet Earth.

All in all, when you’re pursuing relationships of any kind, you must ask yourself who is worth the time you have left on this Earth? You must also ask if they are enriching your life in any way, shape or form and adding value to it in a meaningful way. I can’t describe to you how to tell because you already know what it is for you, a feeling for many people. I know some people measure the worth of their relationships in material gain such as gifts, money, etc. but those people often don’t realize that things can be replaced, destroyed, stolen or otherwise removed from ones possession. I’m all about those times I spend with friends at restaurants, clubs, car rides, IKEA, anywhere we can enjoy each other’s company. I like the idea my friends have demonstrated to me that I am worth a very valuable resource to them, and I reciprocate fully.

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