Why gayness should run the world

by quebecalexander


San Francisco Pride 2013 was insane…and in a good way.

I love going to the parade when time allows. It inspires me to see different groups of races, religions, orientations and other groups come together to celebrate what makes us who we are. The event after the parade also inspires me as gays and lesbians come together, total strangers mostly, to swap stories, share experiences with each other and hopefully have a good time. You may think I’m glossing over the not so great parts, the pettiness, the jealousy, the zealousness to hang with your own clique; while I don’t doubt that stuff like that does occur, the LGBT community at large seems to, at the very least, tolerate each other, unlike the world at times.

What inspired me to write this post was seeing an Indian-American (From India) float in the San Francisco gay pride parade. There was one particularly heavy set India woman, who I assume was a lesbian (I have no clue) who was dancing proudly and happily to the beat of a Bollywood style song. I was amazed, here are people who I would’ve never thought to have many members of the LGBT community and here she was, being proud of who she was. On the outside, India does not appear to be very friendly to members of the LGBT community there. With that in mind, it must be such a relief for people who come from countries where being gay can mean anywhere from public mockery to an out and out death sentence, it must be a relief to be around those who can relate and understand you.

It was then that I realized that being part of the LGBT experience is one of those things that unite people that may or may not normally come together under different circumstances. I find it sometimes easy to bond over that with an individual, knowing that they too have experienced some of the same things I have experienced being gay. The need for acceptance seems to be the common denominator for us all, and while all of us in the community experience different levels of acceptance from the people in our daily interactions, at the end of the day we’re still trying to be accepted as individuals.

We’re all on the same road together, fighting for rights that others usually take for granted. Being gay can unite us all, rest of the world, take note.

Oh…and here’s a picture of the author (to the right, the guy in the blue checkered shirt) alongside a good friend of mine, in case you were curious