To whoever finds this journal….

by quebecalexander


Day 17

I’ve managed to come across an abandoned building today, looks like no one’s been here for a while. I thought it would make a great place to set up camp for the night. I fortified the doors as best as I could, least the infected tried to make it in the building. I told the others on the walkie talkie I’d meet them at the Naval Air Force evacuation landing point tomorrow afternoon.

I slept pretty peacefully, given the horrors I had seen that day. It seemed pretty innocuous when it first started two weeks ago, first some people on the east coast, then a friend of a friend, then one by one, my friends fell to the infection, finally, there was no escaping it. I fled with a few others, but sadly I am the only one who made it this far. I spent a few weeks on foot, trying to evade the infected, sometimes missing them by a few days, other times barely escaping them. At this point, I’m confident I will make it.

It was about 2 am on my cell phone when I awoke to the noise, that glaring sound that bites into my very soul when I heard it…and it was at that point I realized I was surrounded by them. Thankfully, the perimeter I established was strong enough to keep them out, however, I can hear their screams outside of the building, one by one, they make that intolerable sound, its like an unholy blinging of metal. To make matters worse, they scream what I conclude is the only thing their minds can comprehend now that most of their higher functions have been taken away from them. Even as I am writing this, I can still hear them, sounding even more furious than ever…

“Dude…accept my candy crush saga invite.”

May God show me mercy…I fear this may be the end for me.