Overcoming Facebook’s one big bummer.

by quebecalexander

Do you ever get sad and depressed when you see the feeds of other people on Facebook and think to yourself? “Man, I wish that was me.” Do you cringe at the thought of watching yet another friend getting married, while you’re still working on getting a first date with someone, or seeing a friend land an awesome job, while you’re stuck doing whatever it is your doing now?

I confess, I do get upset and sad like that at times. I feel like this at least once a week, partially because my job requires me to be plugged in for a majority of the time and partly because my life is so uninteresting, my voyeuristic tendencies take over and I have to see what people are doing. Most of the time, its me trying to purge the jealousy and rage out of my system, trying to fight back the pit of my stomach that says “that should be you.” Instead, I sometimes walk away from my laptop, a bit more mad at myself and a bit more sad that my life isn’t turning out the way I wanted it to.

If it seems like everyone’s life is moving at a faster or better speed than yours, my only advice is to remember that Facebook, and to a broader extent, social media at large,ย  is a very small part of your existence on this planet, and that we’re only sharing what we want to share. Never mind that your friend getting married is dealing with a secret addiction to alcohol or painkillers, or that the “dream” job your friend just landed will entail 14 hr days and a huge workload.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who had any inner demons that needed to be exorcised, and if they admitted to not having any, I consider them liars. I hate cliches, but struggle is the only way we grow, its the only way we find our limitations and our boundaries, and its the only way we find out if we’re able to progress past them. My weight loss journey, for example. To me, it doesn’t seem that exciting at all, its just something I’ve set my mind to. My friends, however, are inspired by my efforts, or at least thats what I’ve been told. I’ve noticed that the people around me have been making small, but meaningful choices around me with regards to their diets and exercise. I’ve received encouragement when I needed it and applause when I made a goal.

I would love to tell you guys about an exciting new job, or an exotic locale that I am visiting; but if my weight loss victories keep you guys engaged with me and inspire you to be better for yourself, then I will proudly continue doing so for you.

After all, life can be exciting if you know where to look. Sometimes, its where you never bothered to even check.