Probably the millionth post on Love on WordPress

by quebecalexander

Hello folks, I’ve had a very stressful few weeks, but I am back to entertain ya…(or give ya something to occupy the time between the cradle and the grave)

Driving home from work today (where some of my best ideas come from, probably the road rage or the desperation to get home to use the bathroom) I’ve come to the conclusion that love is something that cannot and should not be found.

Wait, we all dream of finding “the one” the one who completes us, the one who we would part the seas and climb the Himalayas for. Why are you telling me that love cannot be found?

it’s simple, love is something that cannot be found because it is something that has to be earned.

By being earned, I mean that love from another person comes from the time and effort spent trying to show the other person that you care for them in a different way, a way that is reserved for only the most intimate people in your life. Trust must be exchanged, as well as time and resources to make it work. Even if the prerequisites have been met, love is not a sure fire thing. Instead, both people have to come to the conclusion that, at some point, the other has earned the right to be involved with the other person on many different and deeper levels. It’s never a surefire thing, and someone you may have your heart set on might ultimately decide that you have not earned anything from them.

So why am I still single? Perhaps its because I neither have the time, energy or resources to earn the love of someone else; maybe its because I am focusing on all the wrong people. Who knows. Being single does suck balls, especially when you figure out that you’re the only single grandchild out of all the grandkids out there. Still, I am hopeful and will work as dilligently as possible to earn the heart of someone else

I will leave you with that folks, feel free to comment and share this post.